Alex Lorenz


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Among his many pursuits, Alex is founder and principal of SERKEL Consulting, a global software and web consulting firm, serving clients in US, Canada, China, Middle East, Latin America, and Brazil, and principal and co-founder of MINIMIS (www.MINIM.IS), a firm that designs and fabricates modern architectural products, whose most notable product, CATWALK - a modular, structural illuminated decking system - has appeared in architectural, fashion, and design magazines worldwide. Alex is a pending-patent holder for the world's smallest LED landscape light, with a fixture diameter smaller than an American dime.

In 2000, he co-founded DUIT Software - at that time, the first software company that enabled small businesses to offer leasing and financing options online, including user-definable online rate calculator, and secure, encrypted online credit application. He has consulted for emerging entrepreneurs, providing guidance on marketing strategies, use of social media, new technologies, mobile software development, I.T. security, and boot-strap methods for starting new businesses.

He has traveled the world extensively, with extended periods in the Far East and the Middle East. He is fluent in Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese, and has studied classical Arabic, French, and Japanese.

From a young age, he has had an enduring connection with design. His grandfather, a recognized architect in St. Louis, introduced Alex to the world of architecture and design. Without prompting, the young Alex fell in love with the clean minimalism of the mid-century L.A. modernist movement. He has been quoted as saying, "It is in minimalism, that the eye can finally come to rest."

Alex's wife, Luciana, designed their first house - employing architectural tenets from the Tropical Minimalist movement - which they finished out with their own hands, using the project as a test-bed for MINIMIS prototypes. Their house was featured on the American Institute of Architects 2008 Homes Tour

Alex is an ardent proselyte of the Austrian School of Economics, an avid public speaker and writer, focusing largely on philosophy, the Free Market, and the role of the Federal Government.

Alex seeks ways, every day, to further the cause of liberty, debating issues involving liberty, tyranny, prosperity, the difference between capitalism and corporatism, the virtues of the free market, and the role that we and all men play. Alex believes that if one is a proponent of the causes of liberty, prosperity, peace, independence, and the creation of a free society, he believe that one must live it, and embody it.  Alex embodies this philosophy every day through:

CRITICISM: through writing, public speaking, and dialogue, Alex engages in one of the most virtuous rights of a free man: criticizing government. It is not only a right, but a duty of any free man to question his government, protest his government, and push for reforms. It is Alex's belief that our nation's greatest threat to liberty, lies not in the paper tiger of some far-off land, but rather our own domestic policies that destroy our constitution, ignore our rights, regulate and tax our businesses out of existence, and impoverish our people. Fighting for liberty, combatting tyranny, and fostering prosperity are non-partisan issues that unite us, rather than divide us. In response to this, Alex engages in small forums, public speaking, writing, hosting gatherings and more, in order to further the causes of a free society.

PROSPERITY: through his entrepreneurial pursuits, Alex engages in free-market principles to enrich his life, and to lift up those around him, and encourage everyone around him to demand of the government that it encourage prosperity, rather than stifle it.

PEACE: every day, Alex engages in dialogue with people of diverse philosophies and creeds, and find common ground in the cause of peace. Almost every day, he enlightens yet another person on how peace and prosperity are inextricably linked (I.e.: you can't have one with out the other). He succeeds in convincing people that the best way for America to 'export liberty and democracy' is not through force, sanctions, or structural bribery (foreign aid). He believes that spreading any message through force or coercion is anathema to the principles of liberty upon which this country was founded, and that the best way to spread any message, or to further any philosophy, is through leading by example. If we are a prosperous, peaceful, free people, other nations will see the benefits of this approach, and want to emulate us. A foreign policy that leads with force will invariably reap the consequences in the form of Blowback, and ultimately experience results that are the opposite of those intended.

INDEPENDENCE: through even Alex and his wife Luciana's most difficult financial times, they never once turned to the government for help. Rather, they turned inward, leveraging their creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and desire to simplify, to keep their heads above water, and to thrive. And they came through it better and stronger than before. As a result, they serve as a source of inspiration to their friends and new acquaintances – many of whom have re-structured their lives in Alex and Luciana's image – whether through simplification, prioritization, downsizing, entrepreneurism, or agility, many people have turned to Alex and Luciana as inspiration on how to improve their lives, and become more independent.