My ideas on education reform.

APR 2009

It's sad that the blind supporters of public education are so myopic, and refuse to acknowledge the role that public education (and the willing accomplices (or daresay the architects) in the teachers unions and NEA) has had in the stupidification of the US.  Social promotion, importance of self-esteem over achievement, the fact that our teachers are little-more qualified to teach than their students.

My solution? Fire all the teachers, give the students a semester off, while we interview and re-hire half that number, at twice the wage. Then, fire 75% of the administrators. THEN, we'll attract some real talent, as the teaching profession will finally become an attractive career again. At current, because of the low wages, and the concomitant low requirements for qualifications, we are attracting the lowest of the low. Most people I know got their education in classes with a high student-to-teacher ratio, and they did just fine. It's a scam foisted on the taxpayer, to say that we need smaller classrooms.

We spend more money per-student than any other country in the developed world, save for Luxembourg. Throwing money at a problem will not fix it.

Public education, like social security and socialized healthcare in Europe, is yet another example of how we're entrusting an important task to the government, and they fail miserably again.

Furthermore, I consider it to be a conflict of interest for the government to educate its own subjects, as it has a vested interest in denying its subjects a thorough understanding of the constitution, the rule of law, and the smallest minority: The individual.