The Tucson Shooter.

JAN 2011

Hi, all. I feel compelled to speak up about the Left's hilarious fingerpointing around the shooting in Tucson last week. I thought I might help compile some information, so as to provide you with fodder, when you overhear leftists talk about this incident. Your first mistake is to assume that the Left is simply ignorant or stupid, for blindly implicating Right-wing elements for this incident. They know the facts. They are simply using this incident for political gain – much in the same way Clinton did, after the Oklohoma City bombing.

The same campaign of disinformation is being waged on this incident, as when the whacko flew his plan into the IRS, and even continues to this day, about the Unibomber. As in the situation of the leaks at East Anglia, the Pentagon Papers, and Wikileaks, the truth is important, even when it's inconvenient. Below is the supporting information – from the shooter's own pen - that clearly places him squarely in the Left territory.

Hitler's Nazism is National Socialism, whose leftist platform included 'social justice', national healthcare, brave-new-world social engineering, and thinning the population of certain elements for the sake of the greater good - all things that the far left espouses. So funny that, even in this instance, the left's talking-point-givers at MSNBC, and the sclerotic, incoherent Sheriff Dupnik of Pima County (Tucson) still find occasion to implicate Palin, Beck, and talk radio, for something that was perpetrated by a dyed-in-the-wool liberal.

The left downplays the fact that the Communist Manifesto is on the shooter's list of favorite books, stating that it is a favorite book for the right-wing to demonize. It's a favorite to demonize, because it merits demonization.

Marxism/socialism/Maoism/Leninism/communism is wrong, has proven to be wrong, and is unsustainable, despite how hard you dream and conspire otherwise. The troublesome element called INDIVIDUALISM, and the desire for man to set himself apart and succeed, rather than idly accept the conforming force of statism is what always destroys the most well-intended plans of 'equality in misery.' It is that sacred individualism that drives a man to stand up and declare, 'I WILL NOT sacrifice myself at the altar of the greater good!' The only way to make us submit to such miserable conformity is by the barrel of a gun, or the heel of a jackboot. The Left tries, through their death-by-a-thousand-Fabian-Socialist-papercuts to force equality, when in all reality, people are not equal. Some are retarded, some are uncurious, some are brilliant, some are good looking, some are ugly, some are unmotivated, some are sycophants, some are producers, some are ambitious, some are followers and some are leaders. The Left can't legislate that away, as much as they would like.

In the meantime the Left never let a crisis go to waste, and use these incidents to allow the Government to dictate who gets the first amendment. There is a mass media campaign Censuring the use of Targets aka Sara Palins Gun sight map, even though the Democratic Party used the very same bulls-eye image to target Republicans in the 2010 elections.

The Left implicates Palin for the targeted democrats having received death threats. Never mind that the democrats received death threats for ramming healthcare legislation, cap and tax, et al down the American electorate's collective throat. Not because some campaign flier had crosshairs on them.

Republicans receive death threats for opposing socialized medicine, gay marriage, and cradle-to-grave welfare system.

Judging from actions by The Weather Underground, Symbionese Army, Venceremos, Occupy Wall Street, Mecha, Aztlan, and their racist, bloodthirsty idols, Che Guevara, Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Kim, and friends, the right certainly doesn't corner the market on extremism, and employing violent means to further their aims - despite the 'intellectual elite's' and mainstream media's assertions otherwise.

Despite irrefutable proof that the shooter was a leftist - in his own declarations that the congresswoman that he attempted to kill **was not liberal enough** - the NY Times and the rest of the liberal establishment still finds (with a straight face, I might add) occasion to point the finger at the very people that the shooter was opposed to. Wow, that's some impressive dancing. It's no mystery why NYT readership is precipitously down and still declining, except among the most dedicated of liberal jingoists.

As with the East Anglia incident, I'm really enjoying this. The Left keeps blaming Beck, Palin, Bachmann, talk radio, Limbaugh, and the Tea Party for their own paucity of credibility. I'll just sit back and enjoy the show.