Defund NPR, PBS, and the NEA.

FEB 2011

I urge everyone to encourage your legislator to MOVE FORWARD with the de-funding of NPR and PBS and NEA. The government has no business being involved in these areas.

I can guarantee that, once they are defunded, the 'public' channels and NPR will still exist, and will continue to provide the same valuable programming that is already supported by corporate sponsors and non-profit foundations; All they will need to do is insert occasional advertisements from the same evil profit-seeking businesses that already buoy them.

Yes, I grew up enriched by the wonderful programs on PBS and NPR. However, it is folly and misleading to think that art will die (or suffer) and these valuable documentaries will die (or suffer) as a result of the de-funding. I refuse to allow my tax dollars to support two organizations that have a clear progressive bias. And I refuse to allow my tax dollars to pay for the NEA, which is little more than authorizing your government to declare what "IS" and "IS NOT" art.

It's time we realize that this country is speeding toward bankruptcy and that we will have to make many, large unpopular budget cuts across the board – unpopular to both left AND right - and that includes military spending (stop policing other countries and propping up oppressive dictators) cease our foreign wars (public and secret), raise the social security eligibility age, implement means testing for Social Security and Medicare, and more.

It's time to put down the scalpel, and pick up the meat axe. This is not a partisan issue. Neither the opponents of these cuts, nor the supporters of these cuts, have any choice in the matter at this point. It must be done.