God Help America.

May 2006

America holds a place alone in the world, shared with no other country.  The foundations upon which America was formed were not through common ethnic or linguistic backgrounds, or homogeneous religious underpinnings, or the benevolent, iron fist of a monarch, or careless nation-building by generals and surveyors from far-off lands, or common fear of an outside aggressor.  Instead, America is the only country that can claim to have been conceived based on the rule of law and the concept that rights are innate to the people – rights that the government can neither claim to give, nor assume to take away. 

America was the example for others to follow, from several perspectives – economic freedom, stable government, bloodless transfers of power, limitless opportunities, happy families, safe streets, strong moral fiber, temperance in foreign policy, and high standard of living. 

America was special and innocent.  People in towns across the country felt secure enough to leave their doors and automobiles unlocked.  Children could walk to school and trick-or-treat unescorted at night in their neighborhood, without worrying about predators skulking behind them.  Americans could travel the world, and be welcomed with smiles and friendly curiosity from every person they met.  They envisioned a future for their children that was bright and full of promise.  People knew the names of their neighbors, and regularly interacted with them.

Family was the paramount priority – all else was secondary.  Parents had more time and inclination to devote attention to their children.  Children grew up with respect for their elders and love for their parents.

Something happened, though.   Over the past fifty years (or longer, if FDR is considered), things began to change.  America slowly began to lose its innocence and the soul of her founding principles began to die.

The Republic Became a Democracy
The word ‘republic,’ meaning ‘rule of law,’ on which America was established, slowly began to be replaced by ‘democracy’ – a word that never appears once in the Constitution or in the Declaration of Independence.  ‘Democracy’ (read: majority rule) only appears in the Federalist Papers, wherein the writers describe it as a scourge upon the land.  As people uttered ‘republic’ less and ‘democracy’ more, they began to believe that this country’s highest and most noble power is not the rule of law, but the will of the majority.  Referenda, though well-meaning, circumvented the necessary judicial review that protect minorities from the emotional masses.   What is the definition of ‘democracy?’  It’s two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner.

Social Security is a Bankrupt Fraud
The Social Security system, though well-meaning, was wrong from the start.  The goal was to redistribute income to lift the poor up and ensure the retired have a livelihood.  Instead, it became an empty vat of IOU’s for unrelated government spend programs and a vote-buying scheme aimed at securing the electoral support of the poor and elderly.  With the imminent retirement of the baby-boom generation, the system will go bankrupt and collapse; taxpayers will still be required by law to pour their money into the system, knowing full-well that they will receive nothing in return.  Meanwhile, the Democrats, the Republicans, the press, the elderly lobby, and Hollywood howl in protest at the mention of privatizing even a fraction the Social Security program.

Hollywood is Depraved

Hollywood experienced a regime change; the old guard, talented, convincing, respectful and respected, ceded their reign to a new cabal, more interested in gratuitous nudity, exploiting their fame as a podium for their political beliefs, and leaching away the sacred and pure foundations of America, such as marriage, family, religion, and the cowboy.

The Press Sold its Credentials
The press, once a stolid, respected institution, has abdicated to a new Tatar horde, more interested in furthering their dogma and destroying their ideological opponents than they were in responsible, fair and balanced reporting.  They bluster in exasperation at comments that their reporting has a political slant.

The Government is Out of Control
The government, once considered a benevolent protector, is now a dreaded ogre with a propensity for destruction, intrusiveness, and intimidation.  No longer are the fourth and fifth amendments the lines in the sand that the government would not cross.  Now, one’s privacy can be compromised by federal suspicions – the reasons for which can be kept sealed, from even the defendant and his attorney.  Non-mainstream religious groups in compounds in the countryside can be attacked, gassed, and burned alive, based on circumstantial evidence or hearsay, and receive their summary executions without any hint of due-process.  Declarations of war no longer require the scrutiny and control that the congress affords.  Instead, the whim of the commander-in-chief can send thousands of Americans’ boys off to die in a faraway land.  The increasingly Byzantine tax code, and the enforcement machine that accompanies it, strikes dread and fear into every one who is subject to it.

Illegal Immigrants Are Bankrupting America
The rich racial makeup and the diversity of ideas and approaches that came with the melting pot, was once the secret to America’s success.  Now it’s a source of America’s woes.  Immigrants once sought America’s shores, in pursuit of the mercurial dream, adopting American mores and customs as their own, while proudly preserving their own identities.  Now, immigrants slip across the border, with the promises of free social services, free meals, free medical care, and free education still ringing in their ears from public service announcements authored by the governments of their former homelands – encouraging their people to go to America, in an effort to alleviate the strains on their own social systems.  Any suspicions of the immigrants’ loyalties can be confirmed, when participants of immigration rallies are seen, waving flags of their mother-countries and chanting anti-American slogans.  Amnesty may be discussed, but not until we get rid of the wrong incentives.

Wealth Became Despicable
Wealth, true wealth, once a source of inspiration, motivation and respect, has become a focus of derision and envy, and a source of crushing guilt.  Society dictates that wealth should be subject to the same laws of physics as diffusion – high pressure areas should seek low pressure areas, in an effort to create equilibrium.  From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.  This is product of a culture that shuns individual achievement, condemns greatness, and seeks to confiscate and redistribute the fruits of one’s labor.

There is an almost jubilantly defiant attitude toward other people’s rights and property.  Now, respect from others is earned through one’s lack of respect for others.  Mainstream Americans, to their chagrin, are seeing many of their youths adopt a stance that espouses anarchy through vocal derision and vandalism of small businesses, individualism, and personal achievement.  Ironically, these misguided youths, who claim to be non-conformists, take pains to conform to the image of Che Guevara – in hair, beard, slovenly dime-store clothes, and dubious personal hygiene.

A Culture of Crime
Rather than condemning those who have felony records, America raises their wayward brethren – including its corrupt politicians - to a level of respect, normally afforded to political prisoners and martyrs.  This culture spills into mainstream America’s neighborhoods, making people more fearful and distrustful of those around them.  Locked doors, barred windows, alarmed cars, gated communities, stockpiled weapons, and minimized, guarded interaction with their neighbors are America’s response to the growing problem.  America’s impressionable youth, seeing the celebrity status that felons receive, are encouraged to adopt a negative, bad-boy persona, due to the respect and fear that it commands.

Irrational Materialism
There is a high demand for goods that depreciate precipitously – expenses that are ultimately at the expense of their livelihood.  Materialism, in and of itself, is not a negative attribute, but when it goes beyond being a tangible celebration of the fruits of one’s labor, and becomes a means to an end, an alternative to investing in one’s future, and when style takes precedence over substance, materialism is destructive.
Star-Athletes and Entertainers
The icons of insolence in our entertainment and sports industries act as mentors, convincing their admiring fans that the only road to success is paved with basketball courts, truculent rap-rhetoric, a felony record, and expensive, oversized name-brand apparel.  The malleable youth are led to eschew books and the mainstream American social system, and with their own hands, shut the door on advancement and opportunity.  The cult-status of star-athletes and entertainment icons has invaded mainstream American culture, as America’s children, lacking direction and attention from their parents, seek the new elite as their role models.  As the millionaire athletes strike for more pay, the fans and merchandisers end up as the only true losers in the deal.  Sports fans continue to shell out more money and more time on the upcoming game, showing no signs of outrage at such a spectacle of absurdity, and ignoring the warning signs, exhibited in their neglected children.

Political Leaders
More interested in dividing America and eroding her foundations, than to espouse ideas and actions that lift up their people, our political leaders seek power and publicity, at the expense of the future of the lowly plebiscite.  Such role models are Jesse Jackson, who sired a bastard, Al Sharpton, who sputters irrational, near-incoherent slogans, Bill Clinton, who suborned perjury and redefined what “sex” and “is” are, Nixon, who was “not a crook,” Bush – an incoherent blunderer, hijacked by the Israeli-led Neo-Cons, and fabricated evidence in a rush to war, and Obama – an inexperienced community organizer and product of the Chicago political machine, who was brought to the throne under a fog of empty hope- and faith-imbrued platitudes.  Rather than roundly condemning their leaders for such qualities, they rush to their protection.  This blind support of ethically and sexually perverted leaders has inundated mainstream American culture, as people, regardless of political leanings, are readily eager to sacrifice their core values on the altar of their own demagoguery.  In such an environment, a two-party political system thrives; the limited slate of options leads people to compromise their values as they support a party that only partially represents their beliefs and priorities. This quashes individual, rational exercise, as people try to justify their political loyalties through serpentine logic:

“I’m against gay marriages, racial quotas, am in support of family values and a strong defense, but the wealthy deserve to be crucified for what they owe us, and I need to protect my Social Security!  That’s why I vote Democrat!” 

“Gay marriages don’t bother me, and frankly, I support abortion, but Saddam has to pay, and I’ll be damned if the government is going to get any more of my money!  I’d vote Libertarian, but that is just throwing my vote away, since we don’t have a runoff, and I can’t in my right mind let a Democrat win, so I’ll just vote Republican.”

“To me, the environment and redistribution of income are key, but my vote for the Green Party is a wasted vote.  I know that ultimately, the Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin – both corrupt, both anti-environment - but I am not going to stand idly by, and watch the Republicans win, so I’m voting Democrat!”

“My mama is a Democrat, my gradma was a Democrat, and though I know my political leaders are corrupt, perverted farces and don’t remotely represent my interests or views, it’s my duty as an African-American to vote Democrat.”

Entitlement Mentality
Demands that America atone for the wrongs of the past have inculcated people with a sense that they are owed a free livelihood.  This sense of entitlement and reluctance to work and earn a living has imbrued American culture, wherein people believe they have a better chance at winning the lottery than they do at enhancing their lives through ambition and sacrifice.  Product of this is the increasingly litigious mentality, exhibited in America – as a way to exact revenge against businesses (for their sin of success), and as a way to seize others’ property (for the sin of wealth).

Parents are Overleveraged and Underinvolved
America’s children have become secondary and tertiary priorities in their parents’ lives.  With the increasing tax burden, coupled with the declining dollar and increasing cost of living, people are having to work harder to keep the lifestyle they believe they must maintain.  Once all the taxes are added up – income tax, capital gains tax, property tax, sales tax, gas tax, Social Security, and Medicare, people are having to devote all the income they earn from January to June, to sate the appetite of the government. 

Resultantly, their need to maintain a lifestyle in far-flung exurban communities of large houses on large land, large plasma televisions with three hundred channels, and commuting in large SUV’s with large appetites for gasoline requires both parents to enter the workforce.  As costs of living increase, their work hours increase, and their children pay the highest price, through lack of attention and affection, and susceptibility to negative outside elements.  These latchkey children baby-sit themselves with gratuitously explicit television and appallingly violent video games.  With no positive outlet for their frustrations, they seek their peers whose lives are no different, turning to drugs as a temporary escape and early-teen sex as a hollow validation.

The parents look at each other in blank bewilderment to what their children are becoming, never wondering for a moment that simplifying their lives and reducing operating expenses might afford them more time and attention for their children.

According to US census results, Nearly 10 million people have a commute to work that is over one hour each way, up 50 percent from 1990.  Robert Putnam, author of “Bowling Alone,” observes, “With everyone stuck in traffic, it turns out there's no one around to coach Little League or volunteer for the PTA, not to mention get dinner on the table.  Every 10 minutes added to your commute decreases by 10 percent the time you dedicate to your family and community.“

For those who do have their priorities in place, and lavish their children with attention and affection, they are a lonely minority.  Those parents then desire to be overprotective of their children, fearing the likelihood that their children would be hanging with the legions of latchkey kids around them.

Grounds for War Has Sand Foundations
America once exhibited caution and reluctance at the prospect of war.  The Korean War signaled a sea-change in America’s approach to challenges overseas.  No longer were overt acts of aggression against America and her assets the litmus test for initiating conflict with a neighbor.  America’s irrational fear and hatred toward the tide of Communism and her inexorable dependence on the GDP of other countries (due to her own eroding industrial base) made economic and ideological factors the overriding rationales for going to war.  Korean War (ideological), Vietnam War (ideological), Gulf War (economic), Afghanistan (economic and ideological), invasion of Iraq (economic).  To base one’s justification for the invasion of Iraq solely upon Saddam’s acts of atrocities and genocide would beg the question as to why, on the same reasoning, not depose Mugabe in Zimbabwe, Kim in North Korea, the Junta in Myanmar, al-Bashir in the Sudan, or the Royal Family in Sa’udi Arabia.  Couple this now, with the Administration’s spoiling for a conflict with Iran, the heightening rhetoric, and the recent news of Iran’s successful enrichment of uranium, and America’s paralyzing fear of Islam, and one sees with clarity that a war is coming – on America’s soil, and larger in magnitude, in terms of casualties, than any previous war.
Foreign Policy is Held Hostage
This lack of forbearance, with respect to recent international conflicts, can be attributed to the overwhelming Zionist presence within the government (see below for a partial list of Zionists within Clinton and Bush Administrations).  For the Zionists, political party affiliation is far secondary to their overriding goal of protecting Israel, without any regard to America’s best interest.  As a result, Zionists in both parties may disagree on minor issues, such as abortion rights or fiscal policy, but their vision is singular when the issues of Israel and her neighbors arise.  Iraq, who had never initiated acts of aggression against America or American assets, had long vocally called for the destruction of Israel.  Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait (reports from Wall Street Journal and CNN find that representatives from the US embassy in Iraq assured Saddam that he would encounter no resistance from the US, if he went forward with the invasion) turned out to be the justification (read: excuse) the Zionists needed to invade their sworn enemy.  The reports of Saddam’s expanding his WMD program, developing and purchasing longer-range delivery systems, his ceaseless anti-Israel rhetoric, his stonewalling of UN nuclear inspections, and the 911 attacks (with no proven links between al-Qaida and Saddam) provided the ammunition the Zionists needed to take Saddam and Iraq off of their death list.  Iran, with their state-sponsored rallies, chanting Death to Israel and Death to America, and their accelerating nuclear program, is next.  You just watch.

America Is No Longer Safe
America was long protected from outside aggressors by wide oceans on both sides.  Her attackers were large organized forces, well-defined and easily detected.  The crumbling Trade Towers were a grim lesson in how America’s enemies, threats, and deterrence strategies are assessed.  The enemy disappears into the blurred mass of society in towns and cities across America, as a trichina worm would encyst quietly within a healthy looking slab of pork.  With al-Qaida’s less-than-secret plans to attack America’s food and water supply and energy plants, and to obtain nuclear materials to construct a bomb, America is warned and reminded that the 911 attacks, in terms of magnitude, casualties, and impact, will prove to be a scaled-down example of events to come.

A democracy’s lifespan between rise and fall, according to historians, does not exceed 250 years.  America, held hostage by self-serving special interests, a broken social security system, out-of-control taxes, corrupt officials, and a frozen moral compass, is long overdue for the fall.

Fifteen hundred years ago, even Rome showed promise.