Our Dollar Will Collapse.

Dec 2011

It is GO TIME! Iowa and New Hampshire are rapidly approaching, and your decision – and your involvement – could not have a more direct bearing on the destiny of this country.

You could choose Mitt Romney - a good looking plastic man who has equivocated on key issues, and has a corporate history of gutting companies, firing the workforce, and selling them for scrap, and has vowed to send our boys to die in yet another undeclared, pre-emptive war. And with no plan on how to stave off collapse of our dollar or even drastically rein in spending

You could choose Newt Gingrich, a smart, articulate debater who serves only to divide and anger people. Who has flip-flopped on issues, when paid to flip flop on issues. Who was paid to influence policy that would help prop up fannie ma's and freddie mac's housing bubble, and influence policy in favor of socialized medicine. Who has vowed to send our boys to die in yet another undeclared, pre-emptive war, and has cheated on two of three of his wives – that couldn't be a clearer signal that this man lacks integrity, guiding vision, or commitment. And he has no plan on how to stave off collapse of our dollar, or drastically rein in spending

Neither of these men have shown to have either the political will – or the intellectual honesty – to shoot straight with the american people, and acknowledge that our dollar – and our economy – are speeding toward a collapse.

Or, you could choose Ron Paul – a man who has been consistent in his vision since the 1970s, who trumpeted the dangers of our expansionary monetary policy, who warned us about an out of control police state, and who predicted the housing collapse and derivatives explosion as far back as 2002. This man understands the root causes of the gutting of our middle class, and the root causes of our manufactured boom and bust cycles, and the root causes of our prolonged depressions. The Federal Reserve. He understands that the federal reserve was formed in complete secrecy by powerful, elite bankers – who claim to have created the federal reserve to protect the value of the dollar, and create stability in the markets. Ron Paul understands that the Federal Reserve has FAILED in both respects. Under the Fed, our dollar has lost 98% of its value, and our markets have only become MORE volatile. His auditing of the fed and ultimate abolition of the fed will stop this wholesale printing of counterfeit money, and transfer of trillions of our wealth to the richest and most powerful elements both in our country, and to foreign banks and foreign countries. By abolishing the federal reserve, we, the people, get control of our currency again – and are no longer enlaced by criminal offshore banking cartels. We control our destiny, we keep our wealth at home, and we are more prosperous.

We are speeding toward a total collapse of the US dollar. This is a mathematical and historical certainty as early as late 2012 / early 2013. You only need to look at our current and historic inflationary trajectory – with the printing of tens of trillions of dollars out of thin air to prop up toxic debt both here and abroad. It only takes a single glance, to know that our dollar will soon be worth nothing. Why else are China, Japan, Russia and everyone else dumping US bonds? Why else are Europe, Middle East, Russia, and China moving away from using the US dollar as the global currency of international trade ? Why else would our on Secretary of Treasury – Tim Geithner – say that the US would be open to moving to a basket of currencies for global reserve currency? It's because EVERYONE – including our own government has lost faith in the US dollar. We only have history to learn from how currency collapses and the aftershocks – England, portugal, spain, argentina, brazil. Greece, weimar republic, and the list goes on and on!

Let me tell you something – once international trade in oil is no longer denominated in US dollars. Everything is going to change. Once other countries require that all future debt to US be denominated in another currency of their choosing, everything is going to change. Demand for Us dollars will plummet, as the world will be flooded with a paper that nobody will want. When the US Dollar is destroyed, your purchasing power will be destroyed.

You may wonder – why, then, am I not hearing about this in the mainstream media? The establishment media – and the establishment – have a vested interest in preventing a panic, and protecting the status quo for as long as they can. It's your job to wake up and fight.

Listen – all of the issues that may divide you and me – whether it is immigration, or taxes, or welfare, or environment – if our dollar collapses, none of those issues matter! Because if the dollar collapses, our constitutional republic collapses. And whatever springs up in its place will be something that none of us want – chaos, anarchy, tyranny, police states, loss of civil liberties, and good bye freedom of the press!

It's not my intention or desire to fear-monger. It's not how I'm wired. But somebody needs to tell the american people the truth – and soon, because we have no more time. You and I have had the luxury and fortune to have grown up in the most powerful country in the world – during the single most sustained period of prosperity in the history of this republic, so as a result, we only know prosperity and stability. We only know abundance and availability. So it's the construct that we have to make a great effort to think outside of. It is this abundance and prosperity that has made us complacent, and has enslaved us.

And for any of you who are still voting for Bachmann or Santorum, I only have one warning for you. Beware those seeking power who loudly profess their faith. Seek instead those who lead by example, and quietly live in the image of God. You may have hoped for someone better looking, with a honey-like voice, to run for president, but we are down to the wire. Well This is it. This is the LAST election, before our republic collapses and sinks into chaos. Emtpy charisma will not fix this mess. This is it. This is the last chance that we have to turn things around. Flip-flopping neoconservatives and evangelical warmongers will not fix this problem – they'l only make it worse! We've tried style and charisma! Let's choose substance! Consistency! Vision! Integrity. Honesty. A uniter!

Choose Ron Paul!