Ron Paul could be assassinated.

Dec 2011

Mark my words. I am very afraid that one of three very bad things could happen to Ron Paul, in the coming months.

Hear me out.

If you're paying attention to the republican primary, you've noticed that the establishment media is absolutely terrified at the prospect of Ron Paul winning the nomination. Their attacks have reached a deafening crescendo, using the age-old tactic of fear, misinformation, and lies as a way to sway public opinion, and carry out their king making. As a republican, you should take a moment to step back, and ask – what of Dr. Paul's platform is not truly conservative? If you read the original republican party platform of Reagan and Goldwater, you'll find a startling, close resemblance to Ronpaul's consistent stance. Now, hold that up against the unstated – TRUE – platform of today's republican party. How does Reagan's platform stand up against what we see now – of pre-emptive aggression, nation building, sending our boys to 900 bases, treasonous deficit spending, the shredding of our 4th & 5th amendment rights through the Passage of the patriot act, and the newly passed national defense authorization act – which allows the president to mandate the arrest – without charges - and indefinite detention of US citizens, denying them their fundamental civil right to due process and trial by jury, and the tacit approval of the federal reserve's printing of tens of trillions of YOUR dollars to bail out their political donors, and foreign banks and foreign governments.

If you're a democrat or independent – you should REALLY be paying attention – that if there's this presidential candidate – who is just as much at odds with the republican party as he is with the democratic party – and the establishment is absolutely terrified of this man, this alone should create the curiosity in your heart to learn more about this man. What is it that they are most afraid of? That this man –who has never been bought – will end this corporate takeover of our government and our country through this unholy alliance between power-hungry government, and corrupt big business? Or are they most afraid of the fact that he will end this gravy train feeding frenzy that our military industrial complex has created, through the stationing of our troops in 900 bases in over 130 countries worldwide? Or that he will decentralize the federal government, returning power back to the states? Or that he will eliminate the EPA – who has been the rubber stamp for polluting industries and instead return power to true, private environmental watchdogs like Greenpeace – who like Ron Paul, CANNOT be bought? Or is it because he cannot be bought and cannot be blackmailed – so he cannot be manipulated? Or that all of his campaign donations are not from Goldman Sachs, Monsanto, or Raytheon - but from grassroots donors like you and me – the average size of donation being $89? Or… Are they afraid because he is generating mass, grassroots appeal across the political, racial, and socioeconomic spectrum, and awakening a sleeping giant, demanding that our liberties be returned to us? Or… Are they afraid because he is the only one who has the will and the backbone to tell the truth about the Federal Reserve – this private offshore banking cartel – that has debased and killed our currency, gutted our middle class, and transferred trillions of OUR WEALTH in broad daylight to the top point triple oh one percent both here and abroad – and that he intends to use the constitutional powers vested in the commander in chief to mandate a full audit and ultimate elimination of the Federal Reserve – staving off a total collapse of our dollar, and returning the power to coin money back into the peoples' hands?

now that Ron Paul has now asserted himself as a front-runner, and is truly challenging the status quo, and truly bringing change, and pulling back the curtain to show the american people the fraud that both parties are cooperating and participating in, I'm truly afraid that that one of three very bad things could happen to him.

Number one. Assassination. I fear that there could be an attempt on his life. We've had too many examples in the history of our republic to see what happens when a public figure challenges the elite private bankers, and challenges the status quo. President James Garfield was assassinated after just 200 days in office – he was a fierce critic of the private bankers with the power to coin money. John F Kennedy, who signed executive order 11110 that returned the power to coin money back to Congress, was assassinated just five months later. Louis McFadden, chairman of the house banking committee – a fierce critic of the federal reserve – had two assassination attempts, before he died mysteriously. Abraham Lincoln refused international banker's 24 to 36% loans to fund the civil war, instead asking Congress to create 400 million interest-free, debt-free greenbacks – . After the war, Lincoln was assassinated, the greenback law was repealed, and currency became interest-bearing debt instruments again. Andrew Jackson – who killed the private Central Bank – had an assassination attempt against him. With ron paul challenging the establishment and challenging the status quo, and the giant that he has awakened in the american people, I fear that there could be an attempt on Ron Paul's life.

Number two. Impeachment. I fear that the Congress – judging from their overwhelming approval of the Patriot Act, and the national defense authorization act – and how much they benefit from the current status quo of undeclared wars, the military-industrial complex gravy train, and their fear of loss of power, they could band together and impeach Ron Paul. Depending upon how well the mainstream media plays along, their impeachment could be successful, and could push him out of office.

Number three. False flag terrorism. Look, it is important that you know that I am not a conspiracy theorist or a 911 truther. With that said, Ron paul's justifications for being non-interventionist and cutting defense spending, and listening to al-qaida's reasons why were attacked on 911 are well founded. And if he drastically cuts back military spending, there could very well be a false-flag terrorist attack architected by the military industrial complex that attempts to prove Ron paul wrong, and sway the people back in favor of a sprawling militaristic foreign policy and convince us to throw our freedom at the feet of tyranny, in exchange for security. Just read the book 1984 for the roadmap. There is a long, shady history of false flag operations carried out by the US government, to sway the people, and further the government's military aims. Iraq – with the nuclear weapons and charges that al-qaida was in iraq, the Gulf of Tonkin incident – admitted by Secretary Macnamara as being carried out by US forces as way to generate support for military action in Vietnam, the Iranian used car salesman attempting to assassinate a saudi diplomat, Operation Northwoods, Anwar al awlaki dining at the pentagon before being put on the CIA Kill list, the flying tigers incident in Japan, the War on Drugs as a false flag against your constitutional rights, and the Fast and Furious program, as a false-flag operation against your 2nd amendment rights – according to internal DOJ emails.

If the establishment is THIS terrified of this man, then you should ask why. If the mainstream republican party is terrified of this man, then you should ask why. If the republican party is resorting to superlatives, saying that he is 'too right wing' then the next day they say he is 'too left wing', then you should ask why. It is incumbent upon you to PAY ATTENTION. The establishment doesn't represent you. They represent their own interests. Unlike you and me, who are hip-deep in this depression, the establishment doesn't think there is one, and they will do everything in their power to keep us on a destructive course that they profit from. They are creating petty divisions between you and me, to keep us distracted from the frauds that they perpetrate on us. it is in our best interest to set aside our petty political differences, and get Ron Paul elected. Change your party affiliation, and join us in the primaries and the caucuses and vote for a man who has been consistent since the 1970s about the root causes of our boom and bust cycles, about the gutting of our middle class, about the institutionalized racism of the war on drugs, about the blowback of our aggressive foreign policy, about the housing bubble and derivatives crash, about supporting israels own right to defend herself, and about the treasonous actions of the federal reserve.

Join me! Vote for Ron Paul!