It's a Two Man Race!

Jan 2012

In light of recent results in Iowa and New Hampshire, I wanted to chat with you, to see what existing reservations or questions you may still have about Dr. Ron Paul, and what we can do to get you on board, as an active supporter. This is directed to everyone – regardless of your political party affiliation – because it's time we vote for a man, and not for a party. And the issues we face as a nation, affect EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US, regardless of age, ethnicity, socio-economic status, party affiliation, religion, creed, or otherwise.

It's become increasingly clear - with Paul's solid second-place showing in New Hampshire - that this GOP primary has become a two-man race: A 'frugal socialist' big government progressive flip-flopping Obamacare-inspiring Republican, and a true, steadfast, unapologetic, unwavering, principled, passion-inspiring, Reagan- Goldwater–conservative.

As you are probably well-aware, this is the most critical presidential election since 1860, and we MUST get this man in the White House who:
- cuts through all the propaganda around the Iran situation and identifies correctly (as echoed by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta this weekend) that Iran is NOT seeking nuclear weapons,
- states correctly that our greatest national security threat (as echoed by Adm. Mullen, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff) is not al-Qaida or a foreign aggressor, but rather our national debt.
- grasps the true nature of our boom and bust cycle,
- grasps the true nature of why our middle class has been gutted,
- has never voted for a tax increase, who will audit the Federal Reserve,
- has the backbone to talk about the 'blowback' of our foreign policy (and the former CIA chief of the Bin Laden unit has endorsed him),
- is not bought and paid for by lobbyists,
- has never gone on a congressional junket,
- has opted out of the cushy congressional pension program,
- has had the backbone to identify how unconstitutional, absurdly costly and unwinnable, and racially discriminatory our War on Drugs is
- receives more campaign donations from active-duty and retired military (and their families) than all the other GOP candidates combined-times-two (and more than Obama),

Dr. Paul is being mischaracterized by the GOP and by the establishment media as an isolationist. This couldn't be further from the truth. Isolationists believe in no diplomatic relations, imposing sanctions, tariffs, embargoes, and trade restrictions. Non-interventionists believe in trade, diplomacy, dialogue, and good will with all nations, and entangling alliances with none, and no pre-emptive attacks on countries that haven't initiated aggression on our soil. To call Ron Paul an 'Isolationist' is like calling your neighbor an "Isolationist" for not coming over and breaking your windows. Above all this rancor around the Iranian situation, I want you to superimpose what we currently see, against what we saw in 2002-2003, where the neoconservative establishment was rattling sabers, spoiling for war, and feeding us (now-proven) false-flag propaganda about weapons of mass destruction, so that we can invade a muslim nation that has never attacked us. Does it sound familiar?

We need your support – not necessarily with donations, but with spreading his message, facilitating casual gatherings and cocktail parties, talking with others, cutting through the lies and misinformation in the media, and getting this man elected.

Feel free to call me to chat about making this happen.