Live Seafood at Our Doorstep - Part 2

June 2009

Driving through Ribeira is a visual odyssey. Ribeira is a section of Salvador that looks as if it has been literally frozen in time. No new construction. All old colonial houses - mostly derelict.  It's one of my favorite areas, as there's always cheap beer, delicious, fresh seafood, and one of the best ice cream shops in the city. And the view is spectacular.  More on that later.

I drove by the mud flats and was waved to the curb by a group of men sitting under a thatch shade. Curious, I walked over to see what they were peddling.

Clams. And lots of them. All sizes. Even Pinna clams.

"Are they fresh?" I asked nervously, looking at the half-open clams.

Wordlessly, the man poured cold water inside one of the open clams, and it snapped shut.

"I'll take them. All."

7lbs for $4.50 USD