Sev (Parsi)

Sweet Vermicelli with Almonds and Rose Essence


2 cups sev (brown vermicelli)
1 cup sugar
2 cups water (Dissolve sugar in water and boil to make sugar syrup.)
1/4 cup almonds (to be blanched sliced and shallow fried )


1/4 cup raisins (shallow fry with almonds)
1tsp essence of rose OR 1 tbsp rose water
4 tbsp ghee or oil


In very hot ghee or oil, deep fry the sev till brown in colour. Keep stirring so that the sev does not stick to the utensil in use. Drain of the excess ghee or oil. Now add the sugar syrup into the sev and cook (covering the vessel) on slow flame till the sev is soft and the water has been absorbed. (Add a little more water while cooking.) When cooked, add the essence OR rose water and remove from flame. Sprinkle the almonds and raisins over the sev and serve hot. You can eat sev as it is or have it with sweet dahi (curd).
This dish is eaten by Parsis on auspicious occasions.